24th November 2022

Between festive season parties, visits from family and friends, and vaycaying Dubai-style, it pays to take a moment to pause between it all and head to one of the best spas in Dubai.

Body & Soul 90-Minute Treatment

We know how busy the festive season can be. It’s a time for celebration, and for family and friends getting together. It’s also a time for reflecting on the year that was and treating yourself. That’s where we recommend hitting up one of the most luxe spas in Dubai. Not only is this a chance to take a break from your busy festive party calendar but it also gives you the chance to relax and re-energize yourself.

Discover the Body & Soul 90-minute treatment at FIVE Jumeirah Village’s ReFIVE Spa in Dubai. This treatment has been designed with the ultimate selfcare pamper session in mind. First, you’ll start with a nourishing full body exfoliation. This initial treatment step removes the dull skin cells from your whole body. We use a nourishing exfoliating scrub to give your skin goodness as the new skin cells are revealed.

Next, sit back and enjoy a nourishing full body wrap. Here our therapists work shea butter all over your body and then wrap you to help your skin absorb the nutrients and hydration. Trust us, after a vigorous body exfoliation, this feels so good. And you’ll soon discover, that it’s these little touches that make us one of the most-loved spas in Dubai.

Finally, sink into the massage bed and float into a deep stage of relaxation. This is the time that our expert therapists will indulge you with a nourishing oil and shea butter massage. Let your mind wander off (hey, we don’t even mind if you take a little nap), while our therapist massages the goodness into your newly buffed skin. What makes us a top spa in Dubai? Well, not only are we giving your skin the very best body products but we are also using expert massage techniques to promote lymphatic drainage, and increase blood flow and circulation.

There you have it, Body &Soul at Jumeirah Village’s ReFIVE Spa in Dubai. The ultimate 90-minute body treatment for those that need a little chill time during this busy festive season. And once you’ve had your moment of R&R? Why not check out the events happening around the hotel? After all, it really would be a shame not to show off your new glowing skin!



Subject to availability. Advance bookings are recommended. For bookings and enquiries call  04 248 9964