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Soul Street - Now open for lunch!

Your favourite street food restaurant is now open for lunch!

Because the best things in life shouldn’t be limited! Every Saturday from 12.30-3.30pm, you can now join us for lunch at Soul Street.

Whether you’ve had a long night out on Friday and you’re looking for some quality food that refills your energy levels, or you’re simply looking for a relaxed Saturday lunch spot with the gang, Soul Street is the perfect place for your weekend lunch plans.

Dive into flavours from around the world – whether you’re brave and ready to discover the traditional dishes from the far East or you’re looking for some comfort food from back home, there’s plenty of choice for everyone.

Our lunch recommendation – A vegetarian highlight from the streets of Mexico, Tostones. Followed by Chef Jin’s delicious Tuna Pizza; small bites with fresh tuna sashimi and truffle cream cheese. A brave choice if you haven’t tried it before but well worth a try – Chef Jagjit’s Raj Kachori – a crisp semolina shell filled with tamarind sauce and yogurt. Fancy some comfort food? Try our Chicken Franco, juicy fried chicken tender bites with honey-mustard and BBQ sauce or our BBQ ribs – so tender the meat falls right off the bone.

For reservations call 04 455 9989. 

Soul St., FIVE Jumeirah Village, Open daily: 5 PM - 2 AM | Saturdays: 12.30 - 3.30 PM, 5 PM - 2 AM.

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